Worldwide Day of Play!

On Saturday, September 21st, Nickelodeon will be hosting the 10th annual Worldwide Day of Play. Nickelodeon's WWDOP is an annual event designed to encourage children and parents to turn off the television and play, especially outdoors.

From 12-5pm, join us at The Children's Museum on this exciting day to let your imagination run wild with all of our fun exhibits and activities! We strongly encourage you to get out and:
  • build an epic fort
  • walk on stilts
  • hula hoop
  • balance on the beams
  • create  natural art
  • make a massive wood disk tower and more!
in our Wild Place! 
There will be a special play theme Book Adventure at 2pm.
Museum staffers will be on hand to help facilitate activities.

The Museum became the first children’s museum based Nature Explore Classroom in Massachusetts after receiving national certification from the Arbor Day Foundation and Dimensions Educational Research Foundation. Nature Explore Classrooms are part of the Nature Explore program, a collaborative project of the Arbor Day Foundation and Dimensions Educational Research Foundation. The classrooms, which are being developed across the country, offer interactive elements such as musical instruments made of natural materials, garden or pathway areas and natural materials for building and creating art. Children who learn and grow in Certified Nature Explore Classrooms enhance concentration, develop creativity and problem-solving, relieve stress and improve skills in many areas of development.

Nickelodean's Top 10 Ways to Get Out and Play!
  1. Turn it off! Take those cell phones, TVs, computers and turn ‘em off. Enjoy the outdoors! 
  2. Grab some friends.  Because you can’t play dodgeball without a few pals!
  3. Get on wheels. Whether it’s a skateboard or a bike, life’s way more rad when you’re on some wheels!
  4. Snap a pic. Take a snapshot of a sunset, the ocean or some wildflowers—the options are endless!
  5. Build a fort. What do branches, rocks & tarps have in common? They are all the makings of an Epic fort!
  6. Take a hike. Sing a song, collect some pinecones, and explore a wilderness trail!
  7. Plan a pick-up game. Grab that Frisbee or Football and get some friends together for an awesome game of pick-up!
  8. Get Gardening. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the fruits (or vegetables) of your labor. Yum!
  9. Look up!  Kick back and take a look at the sky…from the clouds to the stars, you can learn something new every day!
  10. Explore!  The world is waiting for YOU to come explore itNow get out and play!