Fun and Easy Ways to Connect Math with Literacy

Math is a way of measuring, sequencing, patterning and exploring shapes, volume and size.  Math for young learners should not be complex and can be incorporated into their daily routines. Below are various books that help teach mathematics to children. There are also activities listed to connect math with the literature.   Fish Eyes:  A Book You Can […]

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Fun STEM Boredom Busters for Vacation Week

by Krissy Cannizzo, Education Coordinator As a parent of two boys under ten years, I am always looking for fun, hands-on, educational activities to keep them engaged during vacation weeks.  Here are five of our  low-cost boredom busters your kids will be sure to enjoy! #1 DIY Mystery Maker Kits These are brown lunch bags filled […]

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Life is a Challenge

Several years ago my children were really into the Fetch with Ruff Ruffman show on PBS.  The host, Ruff, would give the contestants “science challenges” to complete.  It was always entertaining to watch how the contestants went about completing their challenge.  At home we would often complete our own science challenges downloaded from the PBS […]

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Halloween Fun At Home

Ghouls, Ghosts, and Goblins OH MY! Halloween season is quickly approaching, and with that in mind, we’ve come up with spooktacular experiments, crafts, and snack ideas for you and your children to create together! Homemade green Flubber: You aren’t a true mad scientist until you’ve created your own Flubber. This is a very hands-on experiment […]

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When you hear the word “stem” you usually think of various types of plants. However, when we think of STEM we are really focusing on something different. We at the Children’s Museum in Easton spoke with our outreach educators Krissy Cannizzo and Michelle VanVoorhis about what STEM really means and how we’re using it to […]

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The Benefits of Music in Early Development and Education

The value of music in childhood development is often underestimated. Kids who are involved in drumming, for example, learn to focus their attention and effort on one activity. This improves a children’s abilities to concentrate and stay focused. Studies reveal that playing a percussion instrument strengthens skills in math and science.  Drumming teaches children about material […]

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Animals Winged and Wet

Birds of prey are pretty interesting to learn about and see up close as Museum visitors had the chance to do this Past Friday, August 2.  New England Reptile and Raptor was here showing different birds of prey like the Barn Owl and Turkey Vulture while sharing some really interesting facts.   Did you know: The […]

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Encouraging Science Exploration

There’s a lot in the world that is unknown to kids, nature, space and more importantly the sciences.  This doesn’t keep them from imagining, exploring, observing and asking questions.  Explaining science to kids seems intimidating but it doesn’t need to be.  Teaching your kid about science can be done in small tasks and they can […]

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