Prevent the Summer Slide

Prevent the Summer Slide No school, the main reason why kids love summer.  To kids no school means all fun and no learning.  As a result, kids often lag trying to get back in the swing of learning when they return to school in the fall.  The last thing that kids want to do during […]

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When you hear the word “stem” you usually think of various types of plants. However, when we think of STEM we are really focusing on something different. We at the Children’s Museum in Easton spoke with our outreach educators Krissy Cannizzo and Michelle VanVoorhis about what STEM really means and how we’re using it to […]

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The Benefits of Music in Early Development and Education

The value of music in childhood development is often underestimated. Kids who are involved in drumming, for example, learn to focus their attention and effort on one activity. This improves a children’s abilities to concentrate and stay focused. Studies reveal that playing a percussion instrument strengthens skills in math and science.  Drumming teaches children about material […]

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Benefits of Pets for Kids

Are you debating whether or not you should get that new puppy? Or that kitten? Or any pet for that matter? Obviously this decision is difficult and based on many factors, and pets aren’t for every family. One of the main questions on every parent’s mind is, “will getting a pet be good for my […]

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Encouraging Science Exploration

There’s a lot in the world that is unknown to kids, nature, space and more importantly the sciences.  This doesn’t keep them from imagining, exploring, observing and asking questions.  Explaining science to kids seems intimidating but it doesn’t need to be.  Teaching your kid about science can be done in small tasks and they can […]

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Kindergarten Readiness

We know summer just started but it’s never too early to start preparing for school! In September, many of your children will be “leaving the nest” and going off on their own for the first time. No, not to college…to kindergarten! For many kids, this will be the first time they spend away from their […]

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Exploring Music

Wednesdays are all about Exploring Music at the Children’s Museum! Kerry Campbell teaches a fun, interactive class to toddlers and preschoolers centered around singing, playing, and learning. Today the children clapped sticks along to, “Little Red Caboose,” recited a rainy day poem, shook egg shakers to the beat, sang a song with a silly crocodile […]

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