Play and its Relationship to Language

Play and its Relationship to Language By Karen A Francioso-Howe, MS CCC Play, play, play It is such an important part of a child’s preschool development.  It is how a child learns to problem-solve, interact, turn-take and socialize with peers.  But, did you know that play is also an important prerequisite for language development? People […]

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7 Movies for 7 Days of Fun!

Would you enjoy escaping the snow for a few hours? Luckily you have come to the right place. The Children’s Museum in Easton has created a list of movies that will have your whole family laughing, during these wintery times. You will enjoy the laughter these seven movies will bring to your family, as we […]

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Life is a Challenge

Several years ago my children were really into the Fetch with Ruff Ruffman show on PBS.  The host, Ruff, would give the contestants “science challenges” to complete.  It was always entertaining to watch how the contestants went about completing their challenge.  At home we would often complete our own science challenges downloaded from the PBS […]

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When you hear the word “stem” you usually think of various types of plants. However, when we think of STEM we are really focusing on something different. We at the Children’s Museum in Easton spoke with our outreach educators Krissy Cannizzo and Michelle VanVoorhis about what STEM really means and how we’re using it to […]

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Benefits of Pets for Kids

Are you debating whether or not you should get that new puppy? Or that kitten? Or any pet for that matter? Obviously this decision is difficult and based on many factors, and pets aren’t for every family. One of the main questions on every parent’s mind is, “will getting a pet be good for my […]

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Ollie and Bianca!

Ollie Luey and Bianca Mase aren’t your typical 17 year olds. After being friends forever, these two decided to take their talents to the streets! For the past four years, Ollie & Bianca have been performing street shows and touring on their talents. We had the pleasure to host one of their shows on July […]

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U.Fund Dreams!

If you’re one of the many parents who are already concerned about paying for their child’s higher education, the U.Fund is here to help! The Children’s Museum in Easton will be hosting a date of the U.Fund Dreams Tour as a part of Free Fun Friday on July 26. The idea behind the U.Fund is […]

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An Apple a Day!

We recently started our Cooking With Kids series! We tested out different spreads and toppings such as yogurt and caramel to see what you liked best, and even made apple, cheese and chicken paninis. We asked you how you eat your apples, and this is what you had to say! Add apples to your coleslaw […]

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