Prevent the Summer Slide

Prevent the Summer Slide No school, the main reason why kids love summer.  To kids no school means all fun and no learning.  As a result, kids often lag trying to get back in the swing of learning when they return to school in the fall.  The last thing that kids want to do during […]

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Technology and your Child’s Sleep – Helpful or Harmful?

Technology and Your Child’s Sleep – Helpful or Harmful? By: Amy Gemmiti, LCSW In many households, a common bedtime routine looks like this:  after dinner, your child watches a TV show or plays a few games on a laptop or tablet to help “wind down” from a busy day.  As the child goes to bed, he […]

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Backyard Winter Fun!

“Did it snow?” The first words out of my daughter’s mouth in the morning when she’d heard there was a chance of snow the night before. “When can I go play in the snow?” Ever hear those words at your house? You can have so much winter fun outside!  After you’ve built the snowman, scourer […]

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Healthy Winter Living for the Whole Family Part 1: Eating Right

        This winter, don’t let the cold freeze your healthy way of living! There are many simple ways to keep you and your family healthy through this chilly season.         One of the best ways to save your money and improve your health is through home cooked meals. While going out to […]

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Halloween Fun At Home

Ghouls, Ghosts, and Goblins OH MY! Halloween season is quickly approaching, and with that in mind, we’ve come up with spooktacular experiments, crafts, and snack ideas for you and your children to create together! Homemade green Flubber: You aren’t a true mad scientist until you’ve created your own Flubber. This is a very hands-on experiment […]

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Things To Do This Summer Part 2: Rainy Day Activities

It’s not as easy to keep kids entertained on rainy summer days. They don’t enjoy being cooped up inside the house all day long. Sure, they may enjoy watching a movie or playing a board game, but eventually they need a way to get that energy out. With all the recent rain, you and the […]

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Laundry Basket Bonanza!

The snow was great for the first few storms. My kids were playing outside almost all day. In fact, they played outside so much that their ski pants and gloves are wearing out. Unfortunately the stores are no longer stocking winter items…but I guess that’s a good thing…it’s a sure sign that spring is on […]

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Snow Clay – A Fun, Warm Alternative to Real Snow!

With all the snow we’ve been getting, it helps to have some fun indoor activities on hand that incorporate creativity and fun. The following is an excellent project to inspire kids to imagine and innovate, while also keeping them warm and busy. Easy to make and long-lasting, this snow clay is the perfect alternative to […]

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Gardening for Beginners, By a Beginner – Part 2

It’s been about 2 weeks since I planted my herbs and pea plants. If you look closely you can actually see some green! But in the meantime, I have found some simple yummy recipes to make with your homegrown herbs when they are ready. I planted basil (bottom right), parsley (no growth yet), and pea […]

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