Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Hello Sherlockians!

I am the distinguished Sherlock Holmes. The week of February vacation, tragedy struck. Someone stole my violin!


What Happened?

My violin is my most prized possession. It has aided me in solving many of the toughest cases. Playing the violin allows me to ponder the evidence and get to the bottom of the mystery. Without my violin, I cannot solve the crimes.


Luckily for me, young Sherlockians came to my flat at 221b Baker Street to help solve the case. They examined all of the evidence to find the culprit. I was so distraught over the loss of my beloved violin; I was unable to organize the evidence myself. Luckily, my friend and faithful assistant, Dr. Watson, collected the clues for the young detectives to examine.


Gathering the Evidence

At the scene the crime, Watson recovered a footprint, a fingerprint, a black thread, and an envelope with a coded message inside. He was also able to narrow the possible suspects down to sixteen people.

Watson took samples of the suspects’ fingerprints, footprints, and handwriting. He also gathered possible fabrics that could be the source of the thread that was recovered from the crime scene. When the young detectives correctly matched the evidence to the sample from the crime scene, they revealed a clue as to who stole the violin.



Once the detectives obtained all five clues, they were able to look at the suspects in the lineup. The one who fit the description of the clues was the one who stole the violin. I was so pleased with the skill and speed with which the young detectives solved the case; I rewarded them with a prize of their own.


Wait for the next edition to see how the detectives went about solving the case.

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