Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Hello Sherlockians!


Even the best detectives need a break from their mystery. That is why my violin is so important to me. It helps clear my head and allow me to focus on the mystery at hand. Our young detectives are no different. Luckily, there were a lot of activities going on to allow the children to take a break.



First, we had a visiting beekeeper who brought a vast array of bee paraphernalia to show us. As you know, of course, when I retired from the occupation of solving mysteries, I became a beekeeper. Mr. Wayne Andrews from the Bristol Beekeepers shared his knowledge with the curious detectives. He displayed pictures of bees and their hives. He even brought a jar full of honey to show us. My favorite part was getting to see and touch a real honey comb up close!


Special Guest

On Thursday, a visiting violinist, Casey Douglass, demonstrated how to play the violin. She shared the story of how she got her violin, what kind of music she likes to play, and how to hold the bow. She even allowed the detectives to pluck the violin strings to make music themselves! We were all impressed as Casey expertly played several pieces. It made me miss my own violin so much! Luckily, the music helped refresh the detectives so they were able to quickly solve the case.


Journal Entries

Of course, the Makerspace is always open to the curious and creative mind. Detectives could take a break by making a bookmark or a custom detective journal. I believe, and I’m sure Dr. Watson would agree with me, that every detective should carry a journal with them in order to write down the clues and details of the case. Some detectives chose to tap into their creativity by making artwork. Some of the art was inspired by the case, such as the picture of mismatching footprints, while others were purely for the detectives’ enjoyment.


In the end, thanks to our special guests and all the young detectives, we were able to discover who stole my violin. If you missed our mystery—or just can’t get enough—you can solve more mysteries at or


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