Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Hello Sherlockians!

Recently an unknown thief stole my beloved violin, rendering me incapable of solving crimes. With their notes carefully collected in their detective journals, the young detectives from the Children’s Museum helped me solve the Mystery of the Vanishing Violin.


Observation Skills

Some of the evidence required advanced observation to match it to the samples we collected. For the handwriting analysis, our detectives were required to keep a close eye on how each of the letters and numbers were shaped to conclude if they matched the handwriting’s sample. The footprints required both observation and precise measurement to determine which footprint corresponded with the footprint at the scene of the crime.


Special Equipment

Other evidence required special equipment to analyze. In order to match the fingerprint found at the crime scene to the suspects’ fingerprints, detectives needed the assistance of a magnifying glass. They also utilized a flashlight to illuminate all of the contours of the print. The fiber analysis required the most skill with precise equipment. In order to see the minute differences in threads, detectives had to examine the slides under a microscope. The scientific precision paid off in the end, and they were able to determine a clue as to what the suspect was wearing.


Cracking the Code

The detectives found the remaining clue by solving the secret code. The thief’s message was encoded, requiring the use of a cipher to solve. The young detectives searched high and low to find the letter that corresponded with each clue from the cipher. After a dedicated search, the detectives were able to decode the secret message and obtain the clue.


After examining all of the evidence, the detectives were ready to look at the lineup of suspects. Our detectives employed several strategies to determine who the suspect could be. Most used a process of elimination, writing down all potential suspects and crossing them off if they did not match the clue. Others went through each suspect individually, seeing if they matched the description before moving on to the next suspect. In the end, the results were the same. They caught the culprit!


Stay tuned to see what our detectives did in between gathering clues.

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