July Programs

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July 30th – August 4:

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Bacteria Detective

Monday, July 30
1-3 pm

Learn how quickly germs can spread when Good Samaritan Medical Center Germ Busters share the importance of hand washing after passing around a “cold germ” that has been sprayed with “glowing germs” to demonstrate how quickly we share germs simply through touching our hands to one another or common areas like door knobs.

Sherlock Mystery

Tuesday, July 31
10 am-3 pm

Sherlock Holmes’ violin has gone missing! Search for clues, examine evidence and help Watson solve The Mystery of the Vanishing Violin!

Robots on the Run

Thursday, August 2

Meet the robots from Norris Labs and learn how Steve makes his robot friends. Steve returns with some old favorites like Huey the Color Chasing Robot as well as some new creations designed for outdoor use. Steve has worked in a wide variety of industries including aerospace, transportation, chemical, telecommunications and retail software products. He has enjoyed his experience ranging from the design and construction of artificial intelligence systems, process knowledge management, web and graphical user interfaces to digital electronics and robotics.

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