Hands-on Learning

Hands On Education at its Best

At the Museum, we view play and hands-on experience as the keys to stimulate curiosity and motivate learning in children.

For families, the Museum offers more than 100 programs, classes, and special events, which focus on the topics of science, movement and music, healthy living/wellness and creative arts. Programs are designed to engage children in learning and be fun for all ages.

For schools and other agencies, the Museum offers field trip programs as well as outreach programs which bring our hands-on learning experiences to children. Programs are designed to meet the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and focus on science, movement and music, healthy living/wellness and creative arts.

For the under served, our Hand-in-Hand program provides free and reduced fee access to decrease the barriers minority, low-income, and special-needs families face in accessing the Museum.

For parents and teachers, the Museum offers a wealth of resources, from community discussions on serious issues like the lack of play in children’s lives, and healthy living and obesity prevention strategies to practical daily parenting tips.

Field Trips and Group Visits

Educational Outreach Programs

Hand-in Hand Program (please check back for more information)

Scout Programs

Parents & Teachers


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