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Science On the Go!

Enrichment Programs

Discover how much fun the world of science can be with our traveling enrichment programs. Designed to meet the developmental stages of young learners in preschool and up, our programs challenge young minds with exciting hands-on activities. Children will have so much fun, they won’t even realize they are learning!

The Museum is grounded in an educational philosophy that sees play and hands-on experience as the keys to stimulating curiosity and motivating learning in children. Science On The Go! programs are geared for groups in a variety of settings – from classrooms to camps, from scout groups to science nights, from birthday parties to community events.

Led by a passionate educator, we transform your space into an interactive science lab.  We bring all the materials, set up, lead the activities and clean up! The skills of predicting, estimating, observing and analyzing, so fundamental in a child’s development, are delivered in fresh, new ways.

  • We believe in active participation and inquiry-based education.
  • We teach kids that science is all around them.
  • We design our enrichment programs based on national and state curriculum standards.

Science On the Go! programs support the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering standards as well as NAEYC criteria. Through individual and group activities, our programs supplement and enhance creative discovery with the reputation of The Children’s Museum in Easton behind it!


A typical 45-minute hands on program for up to 25 students is $250. Consecutive programs (held on the same day) are discounted. Travel rates do apply.

Our experiments are designed using simple everyday items that can usually be found in the home. Each child is provided with an activity take home sheet which encourages them to keep exploring with experiments that are simple and safe and a junior scientist badge. Classrooms receive a resource guide and a certificate of participation to display.

Interested in booking a date?

To learn more or to book an enrichment program, please email Krissy Cannizzo Krissy@childrensmuseumineaston.org or call us at (508) 230-3789.


Program Themes

Earth and Space Sciences

Weather, Water and Soil

Detect how temperature, amount and type of precipitation, wind direction and speed can create erosion and affect land forms. Experiment with basic weather concepts and learn about simple weather instruments and tools meteorologists use.

Fun with S.T.E.M.

Calling all future scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians! Test theories and predictions through a compilation of some of our favorite science, technology, engineering and mathematics experiments. Learn to ask questions, define problems, construct explanations and design solutions while having fun!

Forces and Energy

Discover the strength of air with our scientific wind tunnel! Explore velocitygravitymotionfriction and acceleration. Test liftdrag and thrust while learning the science behind parachutes and helicopters.

Life Sciences

Dig In!

Identify, compare and explore. Junior paleontologists will excavate fossils. Children take the piece home to create a 3D model! Engage in discussions about various extinction theories while learning fun facts about these creatures that once roamed the Earth. (Please add an additional $1.00 per child for this program.)

Strong, Smart Me!

Strong body, strong mind! Explore the importance of our senses and some of our most important organs in a fun and educational way. Discover the importance of healthy habits and small steps we can take to live a healthier life. Generously supported by The Goddard Foundation.  

Shhh! Hibernating and Migrating

Learn all about hibernating and migrating animals from local ecosystems with a hands-on exploration of animal tracks. Discover how important migration is to the survival of many species.

Physical Sciences

Build It!

Structuresmotion and stabilityDesign and construction. Get excited about the fundamental principles of engineering and physics.  Experiment with a range of different materials. Solve fun and engineering problems.

Waves, Sound and Light

Vibrationsabsorption and variables. Discover the different aspects of sound and light waves. See, hear and feel how they are transferred.  Investigate with shadows and colors. Test with light to see if objects are translucentopaque or transparent.

Squishy Circuit and Doodlebot Fun

Create and explore energy from simple circuits and Doodlebots.  Assorted items are provided so each child can create their own automated doodling machine to take home! Explore the concept of prototypes and ways to generate possible solutions to any design challenges. (Please add an additional $1.00 per child for the Doodlebot program.)

Customize You Own

We will create a special enrichment program or workshop for you based on your students’ needs, and we’ll ensure it is jam-packed with hands-on activities!

Science on the Go is generously sponsored by:

RBC Foundation-USA  •  WinterWyman Companies  • Target (Local Community Giving)

Selected school programs are supported in part by grants from Abington, Brockton, Easton, and Plymouth Cultural Councils, local agencies which are supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.  Please inquire to your local councils for information on securing Local Cultural Council funding for your school.

Science On The Go! is presented by the Children’s Museum in Easton and is partially based on the PBS kids’ show, Fetch! (funded by the National Science Foundation.) 

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