Dinosaur Den


Prehistoric Pathway and Dinosaur Den

The Prehistoric Pathway is designed for children ages 3 – 8 and features indoor and outdoor learning environments with interactive, hands-on science activities.

dinosaur den

As they journey into the ancient past, kids can dress up in dinosaur costumes and imagine what it might have been like to walk and roar like dinosaurs, explore the Dinosaur Den, a cave with rock specimens, study slides of insects, snake skin, plant life under a microscope, and touch real fossil tracks that are 200 million years old.

What does this new exhibit mean for the Museum? The Prehistoric Pathway exhibit is the next BIG step into the realm of ichnology (Google that!).

“When designing the room, we wanted kids to be able to learn about dinosaurs in a way that encouraged them to think creatively,” says exhibit fabricator, Mark Cuddy. “They can dress up in a dinosaur costume and stomp and roar. They can see the real tracks that were collected from the area and know that long ago, dinosaurs used to walk right here—maybe in their own backyard.”


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