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Fun and Easy Ways to Connect Math with Literacy

Math is a way of measuring, sequencing, patterning and exploring shapes, volume and size.  Math for young learners should not be complex and can be incorporated into their daily routines. Below are various books that help teach mathematics to children. There are also activities listed to connect math with the literature.   Fish Eyes:  A Book You Can […]

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Fun and Easy Ways to Connect Engineering with Literacy

Engineering is a way of doing.  It is about learning to solve problems, using various materials, designing, creating, and constructing things that work. Listed below are books and hands-on activities that will connect engineering with literature and help teach children how to solve problems. Freight Train by Donald Crews This story shows a freight train and […]

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Fun and Easy Ways to Connect Technology with Literacy

Technology is a way of doing.  It is about using tools, identifying problems, being inventive and making things work. Below are various books and activities to connect technology with literature!   Basher: Go! Go! Bobo Colors by Simon Basher Bouncy Bobo can’t sit still. He just has to bounce his way across the pages of this book, painting […]

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