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Fun and Easy Ways to Connect Math with Literacy

Math is a way of measuring, sequencing, patterning and exploring shapes, volume and size.  Math for young learners should not be complex and can be incorporated into their daily routines. Below...
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Fun and Easy Ways to Connect Engineering with Literacy

Engineering is a way of doing.  It is about learning to solve problems, using various materials, designing, creating, and constructing things that work. Listed below are books and hands-on...
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Fun and Easy Ways to Connect Technology with Literacy

Technology is a way of doing.  It is about using tools, identifying problems, being inventive and making things work. Below are various books and activities to connect technology with literature!...
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Play and its Relationship to Language

Play and its Relationship to Language By Karen A Francioso-Howe, MS CCC Play, play, play It is such an important part of a child’s preschool development.  It is how a child learns to...
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Fun and Easy Ways to Connect Science with Literacy

Science is a way of thinking.  It is observing, predicting and experimenting, forming a hypothesis, testing it through experiments then comparing the results with the predictions.  Typical science...
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Technology and your Child’s Sleep – Helpful or Harmful?

Technology and Your Child’s Sleep – Helpful or Harmful? By: Amy Gemmiti, LCSW In many households, a common bedtime routine looks like this:  after dinner, your child watches a TV show or...
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Ear Infection and its Impact on Speech and Language Development

Ear Infection and its impact on speech and language development By Karen A. Francioso-Howe, MS CCC You may not think of speech and language development as being related to health. In fact, there are...
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Teach Your Family the Value of Giving Back This Season

As the leaves begin to change and the temperature starts dropping, it’s safe to say that the Fall season is officially underway.  Halloween costumes fill the stores and kids are bringing home more...
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Tricks to Make Your Night a Real Treat

Halloween is always a spook-tacular night of fun, but trick-or-treaters are two times more likely to be involved in pedestrian accidents on Halloween than they are any other night of the year. Keep...
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5 Easy, DIY Halloween Costumes for Children

Halloween is quickly approaching! Supermarket shelves are lined with endless bags of chocolate and sweets, and spooky decorations are infiltrating the seasonal section at Target. You know what that...
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