August Programs

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August 20th – August 25th

Monday, August 20th
11am: Bubble Music Man
1pm-3pm: Tie Dye

Tuesday, August 21st
10am-3pm: Bigfoot Day
11am-12pm: Bigfoot Wildlife Show

Wednesday, August 22nd
10am-11am: Miss Kerry’s Summer Music Jam
1pm-3pm: Fairy Gardens
5-7pm: da Vinci Robot with Good Samaritan Medical Center

Thursday, August 23rd
10am-11am: Super Science Summer Investigators
1pm-3pm: Hydrogen Power with Air Liquide

Friday, August 24th
12pm-1pm: TGIF Dance Party

Saturday, August 25th
1pm-3pm: Dream Catchers

TGIF Dance Party

Friday, August 24

Come boogie down and twirl ribbon wands, do the limbo and more!

Dream Catchers

Saturday, August 25th

Drop on by the museum to make your favorite own dream catcher, and keep bad dreams away!

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