April Vacation Week

Mini Maker Week: Meet the Makers
April 14-22

Join us during April Vacation Week for a family-friendly celebration of invention, creativity and resourcefulness. Meet Makers who will be sharing their knowledge and talents through demonstrations and hands-on activities. We’ll meet different Makers each day and explore a variety of projects from robots to textiles, clay and more. We’ll learn how science, technology and art work together to make some amazing creations.  It will be a week of sharing ideas, learning new skills and, of course, hands-on fun.

*the lunch room is closed during vacation week.  Picnic tables are available in the Wild Place. 

Different activities will take place throughout the week featuring a variety of special guest Makers. 

Schedule of Activities

Saturday, April 14: Open Noon-5PM
1-3pm: Squishy Circuits
3pm: Pure Vocals a capella performance

Sunday, April 15: Open Noon-5PM
1-3pm: Electricity, Electricity

Monday, April 16: Open 9AM-4PM
10am & 11am: Clay Techniques
1-3pm: Creative Movement

Tuesday, April 17: Open 9AM-4PM
11am & 1pm: Beauty & the Beast

Wednesday, April 18: Open 9AM-4PM
10am-3pm: Hydrogen Power with Air Liquide

Thursday, April 19: Open 9AM-4PM
10am-12pm: Lego Challenge presented by North Easton Machine
10am-11:30am: Rigamajig
10am-1pm: New York Life Child ID event
12:30pm-2:30pm: Exploring Robots with Norris Labs

Friday, April 20: Open 9AM-7PM
10am-3pm: Columbia Gas
3pm: BSU Noteworthy a capella group

Saturday, April 21: Open Noon-5PM
1pm-3pm: Air Power

Sunday, April 22: Open Noon-5PM
1pm-3pm: Earth Day

Squishy Circuits

Saturday, April 14

Light up LEDs using play dough and batteries!

Pure Vocals


A Capella performance from Curry College’s Pure Vocals

squishy circuits

Electricity, Electricity

Sunday, April 15

Become part of a circuit!  You will conduct electricity to complete a circuit to play music and make lights light up.

Create with Clay

Monday, April 16
10am & 11am (*$5 materials fee, space is limited)

Join Judith Murray Smith in learning about the tools and techniques for sculpting with clay as you create your own masterpiece. Mr. Smith will be teaching two thirty minute sessions of Create with Clay, beginning at 10am and 11am, but space will be limited so come early if you are interested in this program.  Recommended for kids 5 and up.

The little ones are welcome to explore playdough in the MakerSpace during this time.

Creative Movement


Get movin’ and groovin’ with cool music and make your own fun props!

Beauty & the Beast

Tuesday, April 17
11am & 1pm

Be our guest, be our guest! Join Belle for an enchanting performance reading her story, singing, dancing and games.  free with Museum admission

Register for Belle’s VIP Tea Party click here for more info

Exploring Hydrogen Energy with Air Liquide

Wednesday, April 18

Explore hydrogen power through hands-on activities.  Power a model car with water, make a water molecule and more!  The world of energy is changing and hydrogen is one of the energies that constitute a solution to meet the challenges of clean transportation: reduction of greenhouse gases, of pollution in cities, and of dependency on fossil fuels. For more than 40 years, Air Liquide has been developing unique expertise in the mastery of the entire hydrogen chain (production, storage, and distribution).

Lego Challenge presented by North Easton Machine

Thursday, April 1910am-noon

North Easton Machine challenges you to build a variety of objects using Lego bricks!

Also, learn about how North Easton Machine manufactures precision parts for the bio-

medical, microwave, high-tech, musical and electronic industries.


Thursday, April 19

Build big with Rigamajig, a creativity enhancing building kit with wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts and more!

Explore the World of Robots

Thursday, April 19

Meet the robots from Norris Labs and learn how Steve makes his robot friends.  Steve returns with some old favorites like Huey the Color Chasing Robot as well as some new creations.

Steve has worked in a wide variety of industries including aerospace, transportation, chemical, telecommunications and retail software products. He has enjoyed his experience ranging from the design and construction of artificial intelligence systems, process knowledge management, web and graphical user interfaces to digital electronics and robotics.

New York Life Child ID event

Thursday, April 19

Get a free Child ID card courtesy of New York Life.  To receive a free ID children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

STEM fun with Columbia Gas

Friday, April 20

Join Representatives from Columbia Gas to explore the equipment and tools they and learn how natural gas flows underground and how to Dig Safe through hands-on activities.

BSU’s Noteworthy

Friday, April 20

Enjoy a special musical performance from Bridgewater State University’s a Capella group Noteworthy!

Air Power

Saturday, April 21

Launch air powered rockets and use the power of air to knock things over!

Earth Day

Sunday, April 22

Celebrate Earth Day by up cycling a variety of interesting materials in the MakerSpace.

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