April Vacation Week

April Vacation Week

April 15-23

Join us during April Vacation Week for a family-friendly celebration of invention, creativity and resourcefulness. Meet Makers who will be sharing their knowledge and talents through demonstrations and hands-on activities. We’ll meet different Makers each day and explore a variety of projects from robots to textiles, circuits and more. We’ll learn how science, technology and art work together to make some amazing creations.  It will be a week of sharing ideas, learning new skills and, of course, hands-on fun.
All activities are free with admission.

*the lunch room is closed during vacation week.  Picnic tables are available in the Wild Place. 
Different activities will take place throughout the week featuring a variety of special guest Makers. 


Saturday, April 15: Open Noon-5PMApril Vacation Week 2015
1pm-4pm: Making Music

Sunday, April 16: Closed

Monday, April 17: Open 9AM-4PM
10am-noon: Renewable Energy
10am-1pm: Child ID Program
1pm-3pm: Exploring the Universe with the BSU Observatory

Tuesday, April 18: Open 9AM-4PM
10am-12pm: iRobot
10am-1pm: Child ID Program

Wednesday, April 19: Open 9AM-4PM
12:30pm-2:30pm: Exploring the World of Robots with Steve Norris

Thursday, April 20: Open 9AM-4PM
10am-noon: Stem to Steam with the Balloon FairyMakeSpace

Friday, April 21: Open 9AM-7PM
10am & 10:45am (30 minute sessions): Create with Clay

Saturday, April 22: Open Noon-5PM
1pm-4pm: Build It

Sunday, April 23: Open Noon-5PM
1pm-4pm: Creative Collages
1pm-4pm: Child ID Program

Making Music

Saturday, April 15
Explore a variety of musical instruments from maracas to drums! Learn how vibration is the key to making an instrument’s sound! Then, create your own instrument from household items!

Renewable Energy

Monday, April 17

Join Robert Giles in exploring renewable energy through hands on activities.  Explore with simple circuits involving lights, magnets, and small solar panels. Robert Giles is a professor at UMass Lowell and is the director of the Haiti Development Studies Center there.  Just recently Giles went to Haiti with a half dozen of his students working on teaching and a few energy engineering projects.

Child ID Program

Monday, April, 17 &
Tuesday, April 18

New York Life works with members of your local community to ensure the safety of our children.  Bring your kids down to receive a FREE Identification Card, which will include the child’s photo, digital fingerprints, and other vital information.  Also see what you can do to create a happier and safe environment for your friends and family.  *To receive an ID, children must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.  Identification Cards are free with Museum Admission.

Exploring the Universe with the BSU Observatory

Monday, April 17

Join us, and special guest from the BSU observatory Maria Patrone, for an enlightening journey through neighboring galaxies! Part of the Center for the Advancement of Stem Education at Bridgewater State University, the Observatory conducts an active outreach program aimed at promoting astronomy education.  In the outreach efforts, awareness and interest of astronomy are increased in the community by providing students opportunities for service-based learning.


Tuesday, April 18

Have some fun while exploring and learning all with a member of the iRobot team.  iRobot is committed to building a future for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through their multi-faceted outreach program.

Exploring the World of Robots with Steve Norris

Wednesday, April 19

Meet the robots from Norris Labs and learn how Steve makes his robot friends.  Steve returns with some old favorites like Huey the Color Changing Robot and Butlerbot (who made his big screen debut in the latest Transformers movie).

STEM to STEAM with the Balloon Fairy

Thursday, April 20

Join the Balloon Fairy for a hands-on experience utilizing the magic and artistry of balloons.  Explore concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math while creating a balloon sculpture.  Different types of balloons will be explored, testing their limits while helping to engineer a magnificent sculpture.

Create with Clay

Friday, April 21
10am & 10:45am (30 minutes sessions)

Join Judith Murray Smith in learning about the tools and techniques for sculpting with clay as you create your own masterpiece.  Children will be able to bring their masterpieces home. Space is limited.

Build It!

Saturday, April 22
Build your child’s imagination and strengthen their Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills using a variety of building materials.

Creative Collages

Sunday, April 23

Join us in the MakerSpace as we combine a variety of materials to create a fabulous work of art!  Our weekly themes will build your child’s sense of wonder and playfulness as they engage with our trained Wonder Partners in exciting art, science, and nature activities!

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