How to Have a Great Field Trip!
by Karen Frick, Museum Visitor Services Manager
Museums provide informal learning experiences that are very different from those found in a classroom.  The Children's Museum in Easton is dedicated to providing an environment that is fun and encourages learning.
Our field trip reservation process is simple and we are committed to providing you with superior customer service during your visit!
When planning your field trip, allow enough time for the children to interact at the exhibits and ask questions. Include extra time at the end to browse in the Museum's Gift Shop. If you would like to come and see The Children's Museum in Easton before bringing your group, please let us know.  We will arrange for a free visit and tour!
Some helpful hints to ensure that your group has a fun and a safe experience: 
• Bathroom visits prior to boarding the bus will eliminate the need when arriving at the Museum.
One chaperone for every five children is required. Required chaperones are admitted free.
Learn the names of the children in your group and take periodic head counts.
Safety is our main priority, however, let the children be children!
Be sure that all children are familiar with the Museum's rules. A copy of Museum rules and policies will be sent to you upon booking.
If you are planning a lunch stay, paper bag lunches with recyclable refuse will eliminate the need to carry and locate backpacks and lunch boxes.
When visiting during the spring, summer and fall, the children will be able to spend time in The Wild Place - our outdoor learning center. Hats and/or sunscreen are recommended. Utilizing a thermos or water jug to dispense water for drinking is also a good idea and eliminates unnecessary water bottles.
A winter visit often avoids the spring rush!